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from by Ben Sollee




The heat of my brain turns the iron bars
Around me to dust, but when I come to my senses
It’s a winter’s day and
There’s just a little rust

I’m walking through the revolving doors in my mind
But no matter how hard I try
I can’t seem to get out the other side

Cause everywhere I look is looking back…

I’m a holy man in a stained glass cathedral
But when I look in the mirror all I see is
Cinder blocks and stainless steel

I got eight tailored suits waitin’ for me
When I get back home
…if I ever get back home

Everywhere I look is looking back to where I’m lookin’
When I get back to where I’m lookin’ to go

You can hold me captive for all these things I’ve done
But, I’m quite sure by now this ain’t the only race I’m gonna run

She said she could never forget the look of my eyes
It’s a misfortunate fortune that I’m in here
But at least I’m still alive
I once knew a man who traveled by the whistles’ aim
It’s been forty years now and
I just need someone to know my name

I sprint towards freedom, how else would you move that way?
But I ain’t as fast as I used to be and the dogs are catching up
But I’m gonna die either way so I might as well die trying

Everywhere I look is looking back to where I’m lookin’
When I get back to where I’m lookin’ to go


from Inclusions, released May 10, 2011
Voice, acoustic guitar, cellos, autoharp, piano: Ben Sollee
Percussion: Jordon Ellis
Support vocals: Cheyenne Marie Mize
Electric Guitars: Justin Craig and Duane Lundy


all rights reserved



Ben Sollee Louisville, Kentucky

Born and raised in Kentucky. Learned to play cello in Kentucky. Learned to sing in Kentucky. Still lives in Kentucky... will likely always live in Kentucky.

For the Ben Sollee Mixtape please visit: bensolleemixtape.bandcamp.com/releases
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